Black Lives Matter

At Last Foreign Queen, Black individuals matter.

We support diversity and inclusiveness that we truly aspire to, especially in leadership, and we take time to listen and better understand the experiences of our Black customers inside and outside Last Foreign Queen. We are grateful for and humbled by their generosity and courage in sharing with us their lived experiences. We have heard them; their words have fundamentally informed our new perspective, this statement, and the actions we are outlining.

Last Foreign Queen stands against racism. Freedom of the press is fundamental to eradication of racism from all aspects of society. Last Foreign Queen stands against restrictions, intimidation, and persecution to limit free speech, the right to protest and the right of the media to cover events safely, freely, and impartially.

We fully recognize that words are only as good as the actual change that happens in our organization and our industry to emphasize that Black Lives Matter every single day.

Culture and Representation

We must ground our culture in anti-racism and eliminating white supremacy. That means fostering an environment of fearless feedback that encourages customers to call out anti-Black behaviors and actions in the moment. We commit to firm accountability and zero tolerance for racism in our work together.

We must build a diverse community and create an environment in which all can thrive. How we hire, develop, and compensate at all levels and in all departments, including our global network of content creators, must be corrected for systemic bias. We commit to changing representation at all levels of leadership.


Last Foreign Queen fully believe in the power of diverse cultures fashion to change the world. To do this Last Foreign Queen support Black brand ambassadors. Last Foreign Queen tell more of the authentic stories of the global Black community and Last Foreign Queen recognize that Last Foreign Queen cannot do this without Black brand ambassadors behind the lens. Together with others who are influencers, affiliates, and customers we have an urgent opportunity to further drive positive change. With that change, our technology must present visual content that reflects the world and we commit to continued improvements in editing and search to remove bias.

Last Foreign Queen commit to do better. Last Foreign Queen is accountable for each of our customers, brand ambassadors and affiliates. Last Foreign Queen understand that diverse fashion has the power to move the world and we accept the responsibility that comes with that power.